Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend Bump (Music to My Ears #4)

Having spent half the weekend at home and half of it out with friends and B, I am sitting in the studio at home listening to great music on a Sunday afternoon. Hearing all these great tracks is building up the excitement for next month´s festival and at the same time I am taking advantage of the inspiration to write and share the eargasmic tracks I´m being treated to right now. 

Everything listed below has come from one source only, Solomun´s BBC 1 Radio Essential Mix on Soundcloud. If you wanna listen to the whole thing, you can do so here. Below however are the choice tracks that have stood out from this impeccable set!

I´m kicking off today´s tracklist with Shanghai´s Looking for Love (Lulu Rouge Mix). This was the first track he ever played on that set and I can´t get it out of my head. It surely makes me think of dancing in Sonar by Night and forgetting the people around me and just feeling the beats vibrate through my chest and spread everywhere else. Graphic enough yet? :)

Most electronic tracks don´t  have full blown lyrics. It is very likely that those that do are actually remixed or reedited. (Let´s not get into technicalities here as I would most likely lose that debate as I am not the most knowledgeable in that department. I just know good music when I hear it). There are quite a few of them that have been so tastefully done that are definitely worth the mention and the song The Sweetest Love by James Yuill is one of them. A ´sneaky edit´ by Prins Thomas

One that hasn´t been remixed or edited for this particular set is a track by Erik Christiansen called Cosmic Girl. In my elevated plane of happiness, I cannot help but put the laptop down and dance around for the duration of the track. I might have said something like this before in a previous entry about music that if I ever become a DJ, I am already building a tracklist, and this one just landed a spot in it. 

I hope this has been a short but sweet listening pleasure for you, if you happen to be here :) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Daphne xx

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