Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whew! I´ve been moving non-stop since I got out of bed. Sadly, I didn´t do yoga (again) today as I was too sleepy to wake up at 8!

On the upside, I kicked off yesterday with a two hour conversation class with a really funny and sweet student who works for a fast food chain and she gave me different flavored tea in boxes that they serve to their customers. I had mentioned that I am a tea drinker on the first day of class.

Last Saturday I prepared lunch and had the intention of taking photos of the finished product but forgot to. I cooked yesterday and almost did the same thing! I think this will be the start of a new page on this blog about ´What Comes Out of My Kitchen´ which is basically me bringing to life the recipes I find on Pinterest or in cookbooks.

Only a few people know that before last year I couldn´t and wouldn´t cook. B was always the one in-charge of preparing food and I did all the cleaning. The second task hasn´t changed, I still do ALL the cleaning!

The dish was Baked Chicken with Bloomin Onion Dipping Sauce! I adapted the recipe and changed it up a little bit to use Chicken instead of Zucchini and the spices I used were not exactly what was indicated either and neither was the type of cheese. I take credit for coming up with a very tasty meal but I would´t have been able to conjure anything so good without the pegs I found. 

I´ll keep adding more of my culinary adventures here as the year rolls along!

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