Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 Things About Moi Part 1

1. I'm an English teacher. When I was 5 years old and I was asked what I wanted to be, I said, ´I want to be a teacher´. However, growing up (and previous job choices) would have never convinced me or anyone else that I would be doing this. When I moved to Madrid, this was one the only job option I had so I pursued it and realized along the way that I love it. I get so much joy and pride from seeing my students learn and improve as the month pass.

2. I was an Events Host / Emcee and I say that in the past tense as I haven´t hosted an event since moving countries. Standing in front of people with a microphone and facilitating the flow of events from the stage under the harsh lights is a passion. There is no other way to say it, this is something I really really love. I wish I have already mastered the Spanish language because  I would pursue this line of work relentlessly.

3. I was a voice talent for TV and Radio Commercials. I also say this in the past as I have not been able to continue with this line of work since leaving the Philippines. I have a few others I would like to share on here but most of them are audio files and cannot be found on the internet. I have a few other works on video that I was never able to get a hold of too.

 Click me: Kaskade ETC Channel TVC  (Female VO is mine)

I do wish though that I had more range in my voice but I think the limits that I have are set by myself. I get very shy and can clam up when presented with a voice / role I´m not very comfortable with playing. Having said all of that, the first chance I´m given to go back into VO work, I will grab it. 

4. I had a primetime all English flagship radio show from 6 - 10am (m-F) for a year and a half with 2 other DJ´s and it was called, The Wake Up Show. As long as I can remember I was always fascinated by these voices I heard coming out of the radio and I wondered what it would be like to work as one. I also had a cousin who was in this line of work as I was growing up and more than anything it fired up my dream. 2007 was my year, finally. A break came and I took it. This is another job I´ve had that I would gladly do again. It was so much fun! Also trying to imagine the thousands of people who listened still blows my mind.

5. I lived on a very small island for 5 months while working as a Manager of a Moroccan Restaurant. The island called Boracay which is known for its powdery white sand and as party place is every person´s dream place to live and work. I did for a few short months and it was everything I imagined it to be (and naturally, some things I would have never thought it would be like). The positive outweighs the negative all the time. In short it was a lot of fun and an experience of a lifetime. I would do it all over again without a second thought. Who doesn´t want to have the beach at arm´s reach all days?

I´ve been wanting to do this for a while and I think I feel good that I have finally gotten around to it. I´ve seen it done on other blogs and I thought what a great way to connect with readers and share a little bit about me.

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