Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dressing up for a wedding is so much fun


So, I attended a wedding last Saturday the 13th of April and it was going to be one of those really dressed-up weddings where I have to wear a headdress (tocado) and choose the clothes properly. Nothing too flashy in terms of color but nothing too sad or somber either. At the same time it cannot be a long dress (as that is a no no for a wedding) and definitely not white as I am a guest and not the bride-to-be. The length and the amount of exposed skin have also to be taken into consideration when clothes hunting.

Putting together an ensemble for a wedding can be a daunting task. Here´s a funny fact, I have been living here for less than 3 years and that was my 5th wedding (as an attendee). I have been through this game of choosing what to wear before. Having said that, I still required counsel and assistance and B´s mom has been amazing help. She thinks everything through-- hair, make-up, shoes, bag, and jewelry. Nothing is left to chance! 

In the end, I reap the benefits of it and I am grateful as I come out well put together and B´s mom takes pride in the compliments that I get. With what I have learned from her, I feel confident enough to advice someone on how to get dressed for a wedding. I also feel that with the knowledge that has been shared with me, I will be able to create looks for myself that are well thought of too. I still have a lot to learn as Spanish weddings are very different from the ones I have grown to know in my country. I think, learning things is always good and being exposed to new things is very exciting. 

In the end, a few changes were made from the photos shown above, in particular the dress. It was replaced with a similar colored one but wider below the upper waist to disguise my pear shape. With it I wore a very fine jumper over my dress for the church ceremony (not shown above). No bare shoulders inside the church as a sign of respect. I also chose a hat instead of a tocado. (The hat can only be worn for a daytime wedding and can only be taken off after eating, as per protocol).

Dress: C.O.S. | Jumper: C.O.S. | Shoes: Unisa | Bag: Vintage (B´s mom´s) 
Hat: Vintage (B´s mom´s)

P.S. Photo was taken day before the wedding. It was a dry run to see if everything fits perfectly and all the elements went well together. Hahaha! Said like the true geek that I am :-) Apologies for not having a better photo on the special day as my phone died early on

What do you think of the look?

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