Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Music To My Ears # 2

Technically this is the second one as I had posted a list a while back, here. At the time I wasn´t putting any titles on my entries.

Music is one constant in my life and I have grown to appreciate it more and more through the years. I have even started listening to artists that my parents used to listen to. I am a huge fan of the 60´s, 70´s and the 80´s! A few years ago I was introduced to electronic music and have since fallen in love with it. My posts will mostly be new track or artist discoveries. I watch so many movies and TV that I tend to stumble upon some good music along the way. I also have the luck of having like-minded friends who like to share with me their good finds.

As I had mentioned I would be watching Breaking Bad last night and in one of the scenes on episode 5 they played a track that caught my attention. A few seconds of Shazam and I was introduced to Fujiya and Miyagi and their song Uh. I have spent some part of my morning listening to their other songs.

I´ve always been a Daft Punk fan -- of their songs and the videos that they have released. Although this one won´t fall under the high standards of great video (as this is not even official), the track is amazing! The hope of seeing them perform live at SONAR was the only thing that was pushing me to attend but as it turns out I won´t be able to go. I am not frowning yet as I have a perfectly good excuse. I´m loudly hoping that I will get to see them anyway even if it´s not in Barcelona in June.

Hanging out with B in his studio / office this morning he was playing some of his top tracks on Itunes and this one came on. I knew right away that it was going to be good. It has that swishy, swaying, laid-back sound to it that puts me right back on the beaches of the Philippines watching the sun set. Apart from taking me back to my favorite spot in the whole world I know that if I were to put together my own set, this would be a great jump off track. (Haha!)

I´ve saved the best for last, I say. This is a Coma remix of an 80´s track called Bette Davis´ Eyes. I get excited when I hear songs that I love being remixed, especially when it is done very well. I can fully understand why there is a song referring to Bette Davis´ eyes as they are gorgeous. If you don´t know what she looks like, see here.

How´s your Wednesday coming along?

Bisous, bisous

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